TEC & Magic Aire Exhibit at 2016 IASB Trade Show

On November 18th & 19th, TEC and Magic Aire hosted a booth at the Illinois Association of School Administrators & Illinois Association of School Boards 2016 Joint Annual Conference Exhibition. The booth exhibit featured the unique self-contained unit ventilator which incorporates packaged cooling and heating into a single unit, thus eliminating the added cost and maintenance for adding a remote condenser for cooling.

The unit has the highest part-load efficiency ratings in the industry due to a true variable speed compressor, as opposed to a 2-stage compressor like that of competitors. The sound is also a full 7 dB lower than older Magic Aire units. Models range from 2 to 5 tons and can include water, steam, electric heat or hot gas reheat. Models for 2017 include air and water source heat pumps.

School board members, facilities managers and engineers visited our booth and had the opportunity to appreciate this quiet and efficient unit. 


TEC Partners with Respicaire

TEC has been active in the IAQ industry for years, constantly penetrating the latest in IAQ technology to bring to our network of contractors. Our searching has produced great results; bringing us to a novel partnership with Respicaire.

Respicaire is an IAQ manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. Respicaire produces products that cleanse, sanitize, and purify indoor air. They offer a full line of IAQ products including filtration, UV lights, PCO based air purifiers, oxidation based air purifiers, and the brand new best in class Oxy 4 air purifier.

Due to their diverse line, Respicaire is a one stop shop and a great solution for any type of air purification challenge. Respicaire products not only work well and are easy to install, but they also have a unique LCD readout allowing the contractor to upload contact information, and providing replacement bulb information at the homeowner’s fingertips.

TEC’s IAQ strategy is to have the right product for any application. Respicaire’s product offering fits perfectly by having many different technologies under one brand. In particular, we are very excited about the new Oxy 4 product which that offers removal, cleansing, elimination, and treatment of particulates, microbials, pathogens, gases, and odors. 

For more information visit www.respicaire.com or contact Greg Joutras, Product Manager HVAC Solutions at greg.joutras@tecmungo.com  or (815) 531-7414.


Tower Tech Reaching New Heights in Chicago

340 On The Park was looking to reduce their rising costs of chilled water from the local utility by installing and operating their own chiller plant on the top floor of the building. They hired consultant Cyclone Energy Group to provide design, cost analysis, feasibility, and energy modeling services. TEC worked closely with Cyclone Energy to provide the owner with several options:

  • Option #1: Carrier Air Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Option #2: Carrier 19XRV Centrifugal Water Cooled Chillers And Tower Tech Cooling Towers
  • Option #3: Carrier 23XRV Ultra High Efficient Water Cooled Screw Chillers in Series – Counter flow Arrangement and Tower Tech Cooling Towers

The Condo Board selected Option #3 which provides the most efficient design, largest utility rebate, and quickest return on investment. Click here and watch a video of the unique lifting operation.

The unique equipment selected offers unparalleled benefits not found in other conventional chillers and cooling towers.  Here are just some of the unique benefits:

Tower Tech Cooling Towers

  1. Multiple direct drive fan design provides inherent redundancy in the event of a fan failure
  2. 80% less drift heavily reduces water and chemical usage
  3. Pultruded FRP construction of the cooling tower eliminates corrosion and extends tower life
  4. Variable flow nozzles utilize the entire surface area of the media and increase energy efficiency at part load conditions
  5. Unique basin design keeps the water dark and at a high velocity virtually eliminating  the risk of algae and legionella growth
  6. Simple maintenance done from the ground level.  No more ladders and harnesses.

Carrier 23XRV Screw Chillers

  1. Simple design with only 3 moving parts (screws).  No inlet vanes or actuators to fail.
  2. Positive displacement design means no compressor surges.
  3. Rapid adjustment to load changes ensures maximum comfort for the tenants
  4. Series Counter Flow design enhances the efficiency an additional 5-10% over the competition
  5. No compressor teardowns required
  6. 50 year bearing life

For more information on this job or the equipment used, please contact Mark Simbrowky at mark.simbrowsky@tecmungo.com

TEC & Carel Announce Engineering Portal

TEC and Carel have announced that Carel’s website www.humidifynow.com now features an engineering portal for you to design, select and obtain literature and submittals for all of your jobs that require humidification.

This portal can also print submittals and IOM manuals at the touch of a button. And it also has specifications for use when using Carel as a basis of design.

To access, simply navigate to www.humidifynow.com and log in. Then click on Create a Consulting Engineering Account to begin using the portal.

Revit Modeling On Www.Humidifynow.Com

Carel Group, has also recently announced the release of BIM/REVIT Models now available on www.humidifynow.com. You can now access, download and use, as a basis of design in your drawings, graphics of units that are realistic and accurate.

Along with specifications (Word format) and performance data (Excel format) this additional feature makes it simple for you to use Carel as a basis of design on your jobs.

TEC’s sales staff is available to visit your organization to conduct a Lunch & Learn session, sign you and your team up, and demonstrate the use of the portal.

Call your TM and get signed up today!

Aeroseal Duct Sealing at Loyola Cudahy Library

Loyola Cudahy Library, Chicago, IL – Completed 2/2/16 

After a remodel of the Loyola Cudahy Library, the ductwork needed to be sealed in order to comply with code. To accomplish this, Aeroseal Solutions, Inc of McHenry, IL performed the Aeroseal duct sealing method in order to reduce the leakage.

Initial Leakage: 656 cfm

Final Leakage: 16.8 cfm  

RESULT: 97.4% Reduction in Leakage









 97.6% reduction in duct leakage                                        97.1% reduction in duct leakage







  96.9% reduction in duct leakage                                        98.4% reduction in duct leakage


Applications, Advantages & Highlights of KN Boilers

Modern boiler applications call for technology that is innovative, flexible and adaptable. KN Series cast iron boilers were purposefully engineered to live up to today’s toughest applications and challenges, providing versatility in boiler system configuration and installation without sacrificing the bottom line.

In this day and age, the word ‘hybrid’ gets thrown around often. But what about the terms ‘base load’ or ‘mixed-boiler? Within the commercial boiler market, the concept behind these configurations is simple, lower the upfront equipment cost of a complete condensing boiler plant by incorporating new units into an existing and less expensive non-condensing boiler plant.

With a hybrid boiler system that combines KN Series condensing boilers within an existing, non-condensing boiler plant, operators are able to meet total BTU requirements while optimizing overall system performance, increasing boiler efficiency under various climate, seasonal and load conditions. By operating during most of the heating season, the condensing KN Series units provide the bulk of the high-efficiency BTU output when loop temperatures are low, while the existing and less-efficient non-condensing units act as supplemental boilers when outdoor temperatures fall and boiler loop temperatures increase. Continue reading

Lake Geneva Geothermal Project

TEC partnered with a local engineering firm and contractor to design the best in comfort and energy efficiency for a residential project located in Fontana, WI.

TEC Territory Manager, Jose Ronchetta, worked extensively with a highly professional consulting engineering firm. The firm specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering for buildings, focusing on green and energy conservative designs. After many hours of consulting and engineering work, the job was ready for installation.

The impressive installation was completed by Ridgeway Home Services, a heating company that services the greater Chicagoland area. Ridgeway is considered a hydronics heating expert but also services and installs many other types of equipment, making it right for this project.

Project Quick Facts      

  • Location: Fontana (Lake Geneva) WI
  • Size: 24,000 Sq Ft
  • Tons: 55
  • Solder Joints: Over 200
  • Bore Holes: 22
  • RAUGEO Pipe Used: Over 8,000 Ft                                      

Equipment Highlights

  • Carrier Geothermal Splits
  • Carrier Fan Coils
  • RAUGEO Geothermal Pipe
  • Carrier Flow Centers
  • Grundfos Magna 3 Pumps

For more information about this project, contact Greg Joutras at 815-531-7414 or greg.joutras@tecmungo.com.

What the Mechanical Hub video series on the Fontana, WI project:

Oct. 29, 2015 – Fontana, WI Geothermal Project

Nov.4, 2015 – Video Teaser

Nov.11, 2015 – Carrier Geothermal Project

Nov.18, 2015 – Grundfos Magna Circulators

Nov.23, 2015 – REHAU PEXa Tubing


XeteX Custom Made Air Handlers – A Success Story

On an unusually cold day in May, Imperial Crane was lifting three XeteX custom made air handlers to the 11th and 7th floors of the new Midwest HQ of a multinational technology company, located in the west loop of Chicago. The lifts were accomplished with the 2nd largest crane in the Midwest, a 550 ton monster that lifted these 20,000 lb units to their final destination. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

In the Beginning

This story began in the spring of 2014 when the engineering firm of Environmental Systems Design called their Temperature Equipment Corporation (TEC) salespeople, Mark Simbrowsky and Jose Ronchetta to give them ideas about meeting a new building guideline called the Living Building Challenge© with an air handler that could handle the requirements of this demanding job. TEC knew immediately who to turn to for the job; XeteX, based in Minneapolis, MN.

Design Requirements

Part of the Living Building Challenge© requires:

  • Ventilation rates must be designed to comply with ASHRAE 62 and equipment must be installed to monitor levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity.
  • Conduct air quality testing at pre-occupancy and after nine months of occupancy to measure levels of Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP) and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC).
  • Provisions must be made for future enhanced filtration such as carbon filters, or more advanced products such as Secure Aire.
  • Monitoring is required to provide occupants opportunities for improving indoor air quality over time. Maximum thresholds will not be used to test compliance with the Living Building Challenge, but are listed in the Dialogue for reference. A minimum of one test is required for each separate HVAC system installed.

Therefore AHU’s were designed with the addition of innovative IAQ solutions to help qualify. One such product is Global Plasma Solution’s bi-polar ionizations I-Bars. These devices create positive and negative ions that are distributed across the cooling coil and propelled into the space to reduce or eliminate RSP’s and TVOC’s. Plus there is room in each AHU to install, at a later date Secure Aire filtration systems that use Particle Acceleration Control Technology and MERV 15 filters to reduce or eliminate RSP’s and agglomerate particles in the space to reduce TVOC’s and any other particulates that may accumulate in the environment. Also, room was left for a cooling coil and the units were built for the addition of compressors and condensing section once the building was occupied.

The purchase order was awarded during the Christmas holiday and the units were released for production in early March. Lead time was a tight 10 weeks, which is unheard of for a custom made unit. Also the delivery had to be timed exactly because of the crane involved. Any missed date of production, shipment or weather would have resulted in a large crane charge.

Given all that could have gone wrong, the coordination efforts of all parties combined to make this job a show piece for everybody.


Carrier’s Newest RTU Option – Dual Stage Relief Economizer

The patented and exclusive Dual Stage Relief Economizer is designed to provide all the functions of the typical air economizer while adding additional means to relieve building air pressure through the rooftop unit when required. All of this is achieved without adding an additional power exhaust system or a special central exhaust fan system and their related electric power source.

Dual Stage Relief Operation:

The 1st stage of natural relief is through the new dedicated air
chamber, and will provide relief when the building pressure
warrants regardless of the economizer damper positions or the
indoor fan status. A separate relief duct, must be installed in the return
opening in the curb.

The 2nd stage, which is the conventional natural relief of the
past, provides additional pressurization relief when the outside
air damper is mostly open and space pressure warrants.

See attached product data.

S&P Spun Aluminum Centrifugal Power Roof Ventilators

S&P has announced its new direct drive spun aluminum centrifugal power roof ventilators. These fans were designed with efficiency in mind to make available smaller models and motors to better meet the needed performance. This new centrifugal spun aluminum line delivers wider performance ranges and unit sizes.

Key Benefits: 

  • Save $ by using less energy to meet the same performance levels
  • Save $ by choosing the smallest motor to get the job done

 Model SDBD – Downblast Direct Drive Roof Exhauster:

  • Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 & 16
  • CFM Range: 40 to 4980
  • Static Pressure: up to 1-3/4″ w.g.
  • Warranty: 5-years
  • Certifications: cULus 705 and AMCA Air and Sound

Model STXD – Upblast Direct Drive Roof Exhauster:

  • Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 & 16
  • CFM Range: 55 to 4780
  • Static Pressure: up to 1-1/2″ w.g.
  • Warranty: 5-years for UL 705 models / 2-years for UL 762 models
  • Certifications: cULus 705, cULus 762 and AMCA Air and Sound
  • Roof or wall mounting

For more information click here, or contact your TM or local branch manager.


EnviroSep builds modular chiller, boiler, and pump packages for the commercial and industrial markets. They use high quality equipment and components to create HVAC and process plant solutions that the contractor can then pipe, power, control and start up on site. This reduces costs and risks for the engineer, contractor and owner alike. The plants can be mounted indoors or outdoors, with or without enclosures.

EnviroSep has also introduced the Edge, a software App that allows engineers to create designs, submittals, drawings and all supporting documentation in minutes. The Edge has been available for pump packages for over a year. It will soon be available for boiler and chiller packages. Users of this app will be able to design modular dedicated chiller plants, modular boiler plants and central utility plants to their own specifications.

TEC has invited EnviroSep to Chicago the week of April 20th to demonstrate the Edge to engineers. To schedule a visit please contact your TEC territory manager.

To learn more about EnviroSep, click here.

TEC now offers RAUGEO Geothermal Pipe

TEC has partnered with REHAU to offer RAUGEO Ground Loop Heat Exchange System.

This new offering allows contractors to take advantage of the unique properties and capabilities of a PEXa system.

The RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange system is a high efficiency energy source for both heating and cooling, offering numerous advantages in both installation and long term performance over traditional geothermal systems. The unique design and innovative materials allow the system to capitalize on the earth’s ability to provide and store heat energy. As part of a geothermal heat pump system, RAUGEO offers superior energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional heating methods.

 RAUGEO System Features:    

  • Pre-fabricated for single or double U-Bend design      
  • Continuous coils up to 520 ft
  • Double U-Bends can increase borehole thermal conductivity
  • PEXa Double U-Bends require 10 – 30% less 
  • borehole footage
  • Recognized by IGSHPA as an acceptable piping system


TEC offers extensive outdoor ground loop design work on all Geothermal and WHSP jobs. For more information contact your TM or local branch.

Geothermal HVAC Systems & their Benefits

Carrier and Bryant recently launched new geothermal product lines. Geothermal HVAC systems have been used for over 60 years in the US and other Western countries, and their use is growing exponentially. While geothermal systems are more expensive to install than ordinary systems, they offer two key advantages. First, they offer significant long-term cost savings. The US Department of Energy has found that they can save the average home hundreds of dollars in utility costs while the system pays for itself in 8 to 12 years. Second, a geothermal HVAC system can be designed to handle multiple needs simultaneously. For example, this kind of system can work to heat water, a pool, and a house all at the same time.   Continue reading

New ASHRAE 62.2-2013 Standard Increases Residential Ventilation Requirements

The latest version of ASHRAE Standard 62.2, which is published every three years and is the standard that forms the backbone of most ventilation codes, has some new significant changes.  The first of which is an increase to the minimum mechanical ventilation requirements for residential homes.  The second is a requirement for carbon monoxide detectors.  Click here to read about the updates or click here to download the latest version of the standard from the ASHRAE Bookstore.

New Mobile App: Carrier Chillers

To assist engineers and contractors with the selection of Carrier commercial packaged chillers, Carrier introduces Carrier® Chillers, a new mobile application. In just a few easy steps, users can obtain key technical data and product features for fast and easy specification of Carrier air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, or paired remote air-cooled chillers and condensers.
Carrier created the Carrier® Chillers app to Continue reading

New Commercial INVE$T Software Released

This re-designed Carrier Commercial INVE$T v3.0 program will provide payback, operating cost savings, and energy cost savings for replacement, new construction, and sell up opportunities on RTUs and split systems.  It has been updated to include the latest ASHRAE standard guidelines, hourly analysis profiling, plus the addition of Staged Air Volume (SAV™) 2-speed indoor fan motor, two stage compression, ERV’s and Continue reading