MicroClean 95™ Whole Home Air Cleaner by Respicaire

The Respicaire MicroClean 95® is a new generation of Hybrid Polarized Media Air Cleaners that combine two processes to maximize air cleaning efficiency. The MicroClean 95® works on the simple principle of electro-magnetic attraction to remove harmful, airborne particulates from your indoor air. This includes particles as small as .001 microns.

Why MicroClean 95 Air Cleaner?

  • 50% of the US market DEPENDS on the 1” application
  • Product with Health Benefits – helps with Respiratory issues, Allergies and Asthma
  • 95% efficiency at 0.3 micron supported by AHRAE Test – MERV 10/11 & up
  • Removes Micro-Particulates – smoke, lung damaging dust, pollen, animal dander, airborne mold, bacteria, spores & more
  • Green Energy – costs less than $5.00 per year to operate 24/7
  • Easy Servicing – replace the internal pads every 3-4 months
  • Quiet Performance with the polarized media for high efficiency performance

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Equipment Friendly – low static pressure – 0.15 w.g.
  • 24 Volt operation – green at 2 watts
  • 18 Standard Sizes, Many Custom Sizes as well as Geothermal Sizes available
  • Sealed Powerheads for moisture and heat protection
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • HVAC trade only Product - Not Available in Retail
  • Residual Business – Replacement Media Pads

What Homeowners are Saying about Respicaire

Several years ago my husband and I bought our second “new to us” home. At the time we had a young toddler and were expecting our second shortly after having moved in. As we settled into our home we started to notice that there was a constant build-up of dust. It seemed like a never ending battle, especially in areas near the vents. We were changing our filters regularly and had had the furnace checked when we moved in – it was considered to be in good condition and was well maintained.

Fast forward a few months and our newborn son started presenting a constant cough. We were diligent in our dust management but still, the problem presented. After months of non-stop respiratory related illnesses, he was prescribed puffers. This was not okay with me, I felt like there had to be something we could do to improve our son’s health.

During this time as we researched options we were introduced to the possibility that our HVAC system may be a part of the problem. After discussing options, we elected to move forward with Respicaire’s UV purifiers and electronic air cleaners.What a difference! If we had known we would have installed this before our son was born! The hacking and coughing stopped.

Fast forward another eight years and my son is no longer using puffers or vulnerable to constant chest infections. The air in the home smells fresh and dust is no longer a problem, unless of course we don’t clean it….

In the end our big learning was that a healthy homestead includes clean air! Thank you Respicaire!


Nicole and David       


Respicaire for the Health of Indoor Air

At Respicaire, healthy indoor air is the mission. Respicaire designs and manufactures innovative products to cleanse, purify, and revitalize indoor air for your homeowners.

Why consider Respicaire:

  • Attacks Odors, Viruses, Bacteria, Microbials, Mold, VOC’s, & Particulates
  • Largest Surface Area of the Active Ingredient (Titanium Dioxide)
  • Dealer Programmable LCD Display with Annual Notification
  • Dealer Contact Information on the LCD Display
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Field Adjustable Output for more or less Oxidation
  • Dual Voltage 120V or 24V that includes a Plug
  • Tandem Wiring for Multiple Units or Commercial Applications
  • Affordable Replacement Parts

TEC’s IAQ strategy has always been to have the right product for the application. Respicaire’s product offering fits perfectly by having many technologies under one brand. We are especially excited about the new Oxy 4 product which offers removal, cleansing, elimination, and treatment of particulates, microbials, pathogens, gases, and odors. 

For more information visit www.respicaire.com or contact Greg Joutras; greg.joutras@tecmungo.com or (815) 531-7414.

TEC & Magic Aire Exhibit at 2016 IASB Trade Show

On November 18th & 19th, TEC and Magic Aire hosted a booth at the Illinois Association of School Administrators & Illinois Association of School Boards 2016 Joint Annual Conference Exhibition. The booth exhibit featured the unique self-contained unit ventilator which incorporates packaged cooling and heating into a single unit, thus eliminating the added cost and maintenance for adding a remote condenser for cooling.

The unit has the highest part-load efficiency ratings in the industry due to a true variable speed compressor, as opposed to a 2-stage compressor like that of competitors. The sound is also a full 7 dB lower than older Magic Aire units. Models range from 2 to 5 tons and can include water, steam, electric heat or hot gas reheat. Models for 2017 include air and water source heat pumps.

School board members, facilities managers and engineers visited our booth and had the opportunity to appreciate this quiet and efficient unit. 


TEC Stocks IECC 2015 Energy Code Compliant Equipment

TEC stocks the largest array of commercial IECC 2015 energy code compliant equipment in the Chicagoland area.  Along with this we have the expertise to make sure the equipment we sell you meets the IECC 2015 energy code.

Stock in TEC’s Chicagoland Warehouses:

  • IECC 2015 Compliant Carrier and Bryant RTU’s up to 25 tons
  • IECC 2015 Compliant Carrier RTU’s with Staged Air Volume (SAV) for energy savings
  • Curb adapters matching Carrier and other competitors equipment
  • IECC 2015 Compliant Carrier and Bryant Split Systems up to 25 tons
  • IECC 2015 Compliant Code Compliant Economizers with Ultra Low Leak Dampers and Fault Detection
  • IECC 2015 Compliant Code Complaint Programmable Thermostats



TEC Partners with Respicaire

TEC has been active in the IAQ industry for years, constantly penetrating the latest in IAQ technology to bring to our network of contractors. Our searching has produced great results; bringing us to a novel partnership with Respicaire.

Respicaire is an IAQ manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. Respicaire produces products that cleanse, sanitize, and purify indoor air. They offer a full line of IAQ products including filtration, UV lights, PCO based air purifiers, oxidation based air purifiers, and the brand new best in class Oxy 4 air purifier.

Due to their diverse line, Respicaire is a one stop shop and a great solution for any type of air purification challenge. Respicaire products not only work well and are easy to install, but they also have a unique LCD readout allowing the contractor to upload contact information, and providing replacement bulb information at the homeowner’s fingertips.

TEC’s IAQ strategy is to have the right product for any application. Respicaire’s product offering fits perfectly by having many different technologies under one brand. In particular, we are very excited about the new Oxy 4 product which that offers removal, cleansing, elimination, and treatment of particulates, microbials, pathogens, gases, and odors. 

For more information visit www.respicaire.com or contact Greg Joutras, Product Manager HVAC Solutions at greg.joutras@tecmungo.com  or (815) 531-7414.


Toshiba Carrier Introduces e Series VRF

Toshiba Carrier has revamped its entire VRF heat pump and heat recovery product line. The new e Series heat pump and heat recovery single modules come in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 tons. These can be combined to create systems up to 38 tons with up to 64 indoor units. Carrier uses all inverter driven twin rotary compressors for high performance, reliability and efficiency.

The complete indoor unit lineup features 11 styles up to 8 tons. A new High Heating feature of the heat pumps produces up to 65% heating capacity at -10˚F and documented heat ratings to -13˚F.

Toshiba Carrier now has Multiport Flow Selector Boxes for Heat Recovery systems. This brings even more flexibility to piping its VRF systems. These can be used exclusively on VRF systems or in combinations with the single Flow Selector Units.


Key Features & Benefits

  • New! Up to 38 ton systems in both heat pump and heat recovery.
  • Single heat pump/recovery modules now in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 tons.
  • Both 208/3 and 460/3 voltages.
  • Connect up to 64 indoor units to a triple module heat pump. Connected capacity up to 150%.
  • All inverter driven twin rotary compressors.
  • A full lineup of indoor units all in 208/1
  • New! Multiport Flow Selector Boxes for Heat Recovery!
  • I-VU compatible

A rollout of the Toshiba Carrier e Series is scheduled for this fall. Contact your TEC Territory Manager for more information.

Carel’s Latest Addition to the Electric Resistive Humidifier Lineup

The new heaterSteam range employs the features of the latest generation of Carel’s electronic controllers and uses Titanium heaters, thus representing a continuity solution in the development of heater humidifiers.

heaterSteam is the ideal solution for applications needing superior performance for controlling air humidity very accurately (±l%RH), mission critical service continuity using all types of feed water and ensuring connectivity tools able to anticipate remote management requirements.







The heating elements are made in titanium, designed to work with extreme aggressive water such as demineralized/deionized water with conductivity below 1 IJS/cm and softened water of up to 0° fH.

The reliability of the titanium in combination with the overheating protection (heaterSteam is the only humidifier on the market with heaters featuring temperature sensors) makes Carel solution ideal for applications where service continuity is essential such clean rooms, hospitals and museums.

In particular, it can work with treated water of any quality, including ultra-pure demineralized water, since titanium heating elements are not at risk of corrosion. This type of water, purified to an extreme, is used frequently in the pharmaceutical field and, due to its organoleptic characteristics, can be aggressive towards the materials normally used inside humidifiers.

The over temperature protection (unique to the market) and patented Anti-Foaming System are a further guarantee of the application’s reliability, whereas the modulating limit sensor prevents condensation from forming without compromising the accuracy of the system.


heaterSteam titanium is the solution to relative air humidity control accuracy requirements. By using demineralized water Carel’s heater humidifier can meet humidity requirements with ±1% accuracy.

The production capacity modulation range from 0 to 100% in combination with the possibility of pre-heating the water inside the boiler means that heaterSteam is ready to respond to humidity requirements.


Another element that sets heaterSteam apart from the competitors is undoubtedly the state-of-the-art electronic controller. The Modbus and Bacnet communication protocols are available as standard on both the BMS serial output and Ethernet. The Carel communication protocol is available only through the BMS output. No additional electronic boards are therefore required.

The Ethernet connection can also be used to access the integrated web server on the local network. It is therefore possible to configure and monitor the units directly from a PC using a standard web browser.

heaterSteam is also tERA ready. Enabling the service via Ethernet connection permits remote monitoring and interaction with the unit.


heaterSteam process is the ideal solution for applications where reliability and flexible operation need to be combined with feed water characteristics that are not always controlled.


Thanks to the Master/Slave “Endurance” function, the capacity of the humidifiers installed can be expanded without complicating the system. The “Endurance “function allows heaterSteam to control up to 19 further units via Ethernet.


The electronic controller exploits the mechanical characteristics of the heaters to perform thermal shock cycles in complete safety in order to remove any lime scale deposits from the heating elements. This results in longer routine maintenance intervals and greater cleanliness of the unit.


For installations where it is not possible to use standard wired sensors, when modifying existing installations for example, wireless sensors can be used. The connection is made via Carel Access Point using a maximum of 4 wireless sensors. The installation type is indicated in the figure below (in the case of 4 wireless room sensors)

For more information visit http://humidifynow.com/ and contact your TEC representative.


Tower Tech Reaching New Heights in Chicago

340 On The Park was looking to reduce their rising costs of chilled water from the local utility by installing and operating their own chiller plant on the top floor of the building. They hired consultant Cyclone Energy Group to provide design, cost analysis, feasibility, and energy modeling services. TEC worked closely with Cyclone Energy to provide the owner with several options:

  • Option #1: Carrier Air Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Option #2: Carrier 19XRV Centrifugal Water Cooled Chillers And Tower Tech Cooling Towers
  • Option #3: Carrier 23XRV Ultra High Efficient Water Cooled Screw Chillers in Series – Counter flow Arrangement and Tower Tech Cooling Towers

The Condo Board selected Option #3 which provides the most efficient design, largest utility rebate, and quickest return on investment. Click here and watch a video of the unique lifting operation.

The unique equipment selected offers unparalleled benefits not found in other conventional chillers and cooling towers.  Here are just some of the unique benefits:

Tower Tech Cooling Towers

  1. Multiple direct drive fan design provides inherent redundancy in the event of a fan failure
  2. 80% less drift heavily reduces water and chemical usage
  3. Pultruded FRP construction of the cooling tower eliminates corrosion and extends tower life
  4. Variable flow nozzles utilize the entire surface area of the media and increase energy efficiency at part load conditions
  5. Unique basin design keeps the water dark and at a high velocity virtually eliminating  the risk of algae and legionella growth
  6. Simple maintenance done from the ground level.  No more ladders and harnesses.

Carrier 23XRV Screw Chillers

  1. Simple design with only 3 moving parts (screws).  No inlet vanes or actuators to fail.
  2. Positive displacement design means no compressor surges.
  3. Rapid adjustment to load changes ensures maximum comfort for the tenants
  4. Series Counter Flow design enhances the efficiency an additional 5-10% over the competition
  5. No compressor teardowns required
  6. 50 year bearing life

For more information on this job or the equipment used, please contact Mark Simbrowky at mark.simbrowsky@tecmungo.com

TEC & Carel Announce Engineering Portal

TEC and Carel have announced that Carel’s website www.humidifynow.com now features an engineering portal for you to design, select and obtain literature and submittals for all of your jobs that require humidification.

This portal can also print submittals and IOM manuals at the touch of a button. And it also has specifications for use when using Carel as a basis of design.

To access, simply navigate to www.humidifynow.com and log in. Then click on Create a Consulting Engineering Account to begin using the portal.

Revit Modeling On Www.Humidifynow.Com

Carel Group, has also recently announced the release of BIM/REVIT Models now available on www.humidifynow.com. You can now access, download and use, as a basis of design in your drawings, graphics of units that are realistic and accurate.

Along with specifications (Word format) and performance data (Excel format) this additional feature makes it simple for you to use Carel as a basis of design on your jobs.

TEC’s sales staff is available to visit your organization to conduct a Lunch & Learn session, sign you and your team up, and demonstrate the use of the portal.

Call your TM and get signed up today!

iAIRE Refrigeration & Reheat Controls

RAWAL device is a hot gas bypass valve with a de-superheating chamber. Instead of feeding hot gas from compressor discharge directly to the evaporator coil which raises evaporator temperature, reducing the coil’s capacity to remove moisture, the RAWAL valve mixes hot gas from the compressor discharge with liquid from the condensing coil in the de-superheating chamber and feeds that mixture back to the compressor suction. The valve works on suction pressure and is designed to maintain suction temperature at 40-45F. As the cooling load reduces the suction, pressure (and temperature) drop due to the reduction in heat transferred at the evaporator coil. The RAWAL valve reacts by mixing hot gas and liquid in the de-superheating chamber and metering this back to the compressor suction line before a suction accumulator. This prevents liquid from slugging the compressor and allows the system to maintain a constant suction pressure under varying load conditions. This allows the compressor to operate normally and guarantees a cold evaporator temperature at a low load condition. Low load conditions are often accompanied by high relative humidity. The cold evaporator maximizes moisture removal and modulating hot gas reheat is used to control the leaving air temperature.

Benefits associated with the iAIRE system using the RAWAL APR                                   valve for refrigeration capacity control include:

  • Constant compressor suction pressure/temperature providing for stable operation during a wide range of load conditions
  • Guaranteed cold evaporator temperature at low load conditions for maximum moisture removal
  • Fluctuations in compressor head pressure under varying ambient conditions have minimal impact on system operation due to constant suction pressure
  • System operation at normal pressures/temperatures                                                     simplify maintenance and troubleshooting

Fore more information contact your TEC representative.

Energy Savings with Carrier Cor


You are already familiar with the Cor’s easy to use and sleek smartphone like touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and home comfort technology, which eloquently defines expertise, efficiency, and simplicity. But did you know that homeowners using the Cor saved an average of 29% on their heating and cooling energy costs? Features like smart setback let the thermostat intelligently adapt beyond manual programming for greater efficiency. This allows for the Cor to learn the behavior of both the homeowner and the home keeping your customers as comfortable as possible. 

Carrier Cor Video

Continue reading

Stand Out From the Crowd with the Carrier Vision Pro App

Ever had a homeowner say: ‘I like the idea of ductless technology but not sure about that thing on my wall?’ Looking for a tool to enhance your ductless sales technique and stand out from the crowd? With the Carrier Vision Pro app, you can do that and much more. 

Utilizing bleeding-edge technology, this augmented reality app for the iPad gives you the opportunity to “show” a customer, either as a picture or short video, what a ductless system would look like in their home – high on the wall, low on the wall with a floor console unit, outside the house and much more. 3D models of the Carrier Ductless & VRF lineup including both indoor and outdoor units are available to give you the ability to pick the right system for your customer based on their needs and application. Multiple rooms and outdoor units can be grouped as a complete project to make it easy for your customer to reference when reviewing your proposal. The Carrier Vision Pro, a product visualization tool, not only enhances the ductless sales process but also your business.

This app is available for dealers who are part of the Come Home to Carrier incentive program. To learn more about the Carrier Vision Pro app visit the Come Home to Carrier HVACpartners page.

If you have any questions please Email Carrier Expert Central or call 1-800-946-2930.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing at Loyola Cudahy Library

Loyola Cudahy Library, Chicago, IL – Completed 2/2/16 

After a remodel of the Loyola Cudahy Library, the ductwork needed to be sealed in order to comply with code. To accomplish this, Aeroseal Solutions, Inc of McHenry, IL performed the Aeroseal duct sealing method in order to reduce the leakage.

Initial Leakage: 656 cfm

Final Leakage: 16.8 cfm  

RESULT: 97.4% Reduction in Leakage









 97.6% reduction in duct leakage                                        97.1% reduction in duct leakage







  96.9% reduction in duct leakage                                        98.4% reduction in duct leakage


Carel Expands humiSonic Line

TEC is proud to introduce an expanded version of a product that is getting rave reviews. The Carel humiSonic line has expanded to 8 lbs/hr. The humiSonic humidifier uses small piezoelectric discs that vibrate at a high frequency to create a mist. The power requirements are less than 10% of a normal steam humidifier and will last 10,000 hours!

The new humiSonics can be installed in ducts or the space itself. It is perfect for mission critical applications like data centers, operating rooms, clean rooms, libraries and museums. It can be run on a master/slave configuration with up to three salve units.


Contact your TEC representative for more information.

Why Install an Expansion Tank with Every Water Heater Installation?

Installing a thermal expansion tank with a new water heater has become increasingly important. Most cities nowadays have check valves in their water meters which prevent the home’s water from going back into the public water system. While this process poses a health benefit, it creates a problem for the domestic water system.

The check valves make the domestic water system in a house a “closed system.” This means that when the water in the water heater is heated, it expands but has nowhere to go. It therefore increases the pressure in the domestic water system, potentially causing damage and leaks to the system. See attached brochure from Bradford White for more details.

There exists a simple solution: to install a thermal expansion tank on the cold water inlet of the water heater. Sizing is also simple: use a HWTX5 tank for 40 & 50 gallon water heaters. For water heaters above 50 gallons, use a HWTX12 tank. Expansion tanks are cost-effective and easy to install with a new water heater.

Weather Rite Recognizes TEC’s HVAC Solutions Group

Recently Weather Rite Corporation acknowledged HVAC Solutions and Temperature Equipment Corporation (TEC) as one of their top achievers for 2015.

The award was presented to David Weiss (center), General Manager of HVAC Solutions and David Taylor (left), Product Manager for Weather Rite by Doug Halterman (right), National Sales Manager for Weather Rite.

In presenting the award, Doug Halterman noted that TEC’s sales force has worked diligently to make Weather Rite’s product top of mind in their customers’ applications. Doug stated that 2016 is already starting out to be another record year.

Weather Rite manufactures direct and indirect fired make-up air units as well as air turnover units. Their direct fired TT rugged industrial-type construction makes them the preferred choice for units that face continuous duty under extreme circumstances. Their air turnover units are the preeminent choice for heating and cooling large areas such as warehouses, factories and distribution centers.

Weather Rite’s indirect fired units can handle up to 57,000 CFM, while their direct fired units can handle 85,000 CFM. Their air turnover units can handle 100,000. All units can be customized for heating only or heating & cooling with a variety of other options. Weather Rite also manufactures custom units up to 100,000 CFM.

For more information and selections, contact your Territory Manager.

Applications, Advantages & Highlights of KN Boilers

Modern boiler applications call for technology that is innovative, flexible and adaptable. KN Series cast iron boilers were purposefully engineered to live up to today’s toughest applications and challenges, providing versatility in boiler system configuration and installation without sacrificing the bottom line.

In this day and age, the word ‘hybrid’ gets thrown around often. But what about the terms ‘base load’ or ‘mixed-boiler? Within the commercial boiler market, the concept behind these configurations is simple, lower the upfront equipment cost of a complete condensing boiler plant by incorporating new units into an existing and less expensive non-condensing boiler plant.

With a hybrid boiler system that combines KN Series condensing boilers within an existing, non-condensing boiler plant, operators are able to meet total BTU requirements while optimizing overall system performance, increasing boiler efficiency under various climate, seasonal and load conditions. By operating during most of the heating season, the condensing KN Series units provide the bulk of the high-efficiency BTU output when loop temperatures are low, while the existing and less-efficient non-condensing units act as supplemental boilers when outdoor temperatures fall and boiler loop temperatures increase. Continue reading

Six New Calculators Added to Geo-Flo Calculators Suite

Geo-Flo has added six new calculators to their Caculators Suite. A total of 22 calculators are now available at www.geo-flo.com.

Magna3 Pump Sizing Calculator

The Magna3 Calculator models the insulated pumps offered by Geo-Flo as a single pump, two pumps in parallel, or two pumps in series with constant (differential) pressure, constant curve, or Delta-T modes. Maximum and actual flow rates, as well as maximum and average power consumption is displayed, along with model numbers for the specific pump choices. A system curve and pump curve are shown in the graph below the output details. This new Calculator is included in the Pump Sizing Calculators section.

Geo-Flo’s Magna3 insulated pumps take advantage of all of the features of the Grundfos Magna3 series. The Geo-Flo insulated cabinet reduces condensation at lower fluid temperatures, and also creates a much easier to install product with either wall or floor mounting (depending upon model) and isolation valves. The pumps are factory programmed with the features needed for geothermal and hydronic installations.

Geothermal Expansion Tank Calculator

There is a lot of misunderstanding in the geothermal heat pump industry about expansion tank operation and even in the need for an expansion tank in the system. The purpose of an expansion tank for a geothermal ground loop system is to provide additional system capacity to prevent the system pressure from dropping too low under worst-case conditions. In contrast to a traditional hot water system, the ground loop pressure decreases as the fluid temperature increases. Conversely, the loop pressure increases as the fluid temperature drops. Although pressure increases as temperature increases for all systems, HDPE pipe expands at a higher rate than the increased pressure, causing the opposite effect in ground loop systems. Therefore, expansion tank sizing in this Calculator is based upon the amount of HDPE pipe vs. rigid pipe in the system. Continue reading

Aeroseal Duct Sealing at Iconic Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building, Chicago, IL – Completed 11/28/15

During a remodel of the 9th Floor of the Wrigley Building, when walls                             were torn down and the duct was exposed, the General Contractor was made aware of air pouring out of the duct work as a result of gaps causing leakage. The Aeroseal duct sealing method was used to reduce that leakage.

Initial Leakage: 430.2 CFM

Final Leakage: 31.4 CFM

RESULT: 92.7% Reduction in Leakage

Hydraulic Separators by Niles Steel Tank

The Niles Steel Tank Hydraulic Separator is designed
to help reduce short cycling of a boiler system and
to separate building and boiler circulation. The NST
Hydraulic Separator uses stored boiler water to buffer
the system load when the boiler is producing more
BTUs than what the building can handle. When the
building has a minimal demand, it pulls from the tank
allowing the boiler to “rest”. The Hydraulic Separator
is piped so the building flow is separate from the
boiler flow, allowing independent circulation.

The Hydraulic Separator acts as a decoupler allowing independent circulation in both building and boiler loops. When the building’s hydronic system has a demand for heat, the building’s circulation pumps pull from the hydraulic separator (Fig. A) until there is enough temperature drop in the tank to activate the boiler. When this occurs, both boiler and building’s circulation pumps are activated allowing direct flow through the tank (Fig.B). As the building demand is satisfied and the circulation pumps are stopped, there is still a demand in the tank to return it to the operating temperature (Fig. C). The boiler will continue to circulate and fire until the tank’s temperature is satisfied.

The Niles Steel Tank Hydraulic Separators are designed for 125 psi (150 optional). Standard sizes range from 120 gallon up to 860 actual gallons.Custom sizes and additional fittings are available.

For more information contact your TM, Inside Engineering, or Mike Garren at 708-256-4776 or mike.garren@tecmungo.com.